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GT Radio sets - archive

GT Radio sets - mf archive

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Mediafire shared folder -

File name: Andrea Parker - GT Radio - 2002-03-22 .rm
Download link:

File name: Andrea Parker - GT Radio - 2002-07-04.rm
Download link:

File name: Andrew Weatherall - Haywire sessions - 2002-04-04 (clipped).rm
Download link:

File name: Andrew Weatherall - Haywire Sessions - 2002-06-06.rm
Download link:

File name: Andrew Weatherall - Haywire Sessions - 2002-07-11.rm
Download link:

File name: Andrew Weatherall - Haywire Sessions - 2002-08-22.rm
Download link:

File name: Andrew Weatherall - Haywire Sessions - 2002-09-05.rm
Download link:

File name: Andrew Weatherall - Haywire sessions xmas special 2000.rm
Download link:

File name: Bass Junkie and The Dexorcist - Haywire Sessions - 2002-09-19.rm
Download link:

File name: Bass Junkie and The Dexorcist - Haywire sessions - 2002-11-07.rm
Download link:

File name: Curley and Sherman - Electro chair - 2003-01-06.rm
Download link:

File name: Curley and Sherman - Electro Chair Show 14-01-02.rm
Download link:

File name: Curley and Sherman feat Alex Paterson - Electro chair show - .rm
Download link:

File name: DMX Krew - Haywire sessions.rm
Download link:

File name: Duncan Gray - Electrio Chair show - 2002-11-18.rm
Download link:

File name: Kansas City Prophets - Electro Chair - 2001-03-26.rm
Download link:

File name: Keith Tenniswood - Haywire Sessions - 2002-05-02.rm
Download link:

File name: Keith Tenniswood Simon Brown Bass Junkie - Haywire sessions.rm
Download link:

File name: Man Parrish - GT radio special - 2002-05-31.rm
Download link:

File name: Sidney LeSarge - Haywire Sessions - 2002-06-27.mp3
Download link:

File name: Sons of Slough - Electro Chair - 2001-11-05.rm
Download link:

File name: Spaceship Gods - Haywire sessions - 2002-11-28.mp3
Download link:

File name: Spaceship Gods - Haywire sessions - 2002-11-28.rm
Download link:

File name: Tipper - GT Radio - 2001-05-25.rm
Download link:

File name: Tipper and Mike Wallis - GT Radio - 2001-01-26.rm
Download link:

File name: TLS DJ set - Haywire Sessions - 2001-05-31.rm
Download link:

File name: Transparent Sound - Electro Chair - 2001-04-23.rm
Download link:

File name: Warlock - GT Radio - 2002-07-10.rm
Download link:

File name: Warlock - GT Radio - 2002-08-12.rm
Download link:

File name: Warlock - GT Radio - 2002-12-18.rm
Download link:

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Various ‎– Diggin Vol 5
Label: Diggin Breaks Records – DIG-5
Format: Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Unofficial Release
Genre: Funk / Soul, Jazz
Style: Soul, Funk, Disco

A1     Diana Ross – My Hero Is A Gun        
A2     Stephanie Mills – Starlight        
A3     Jerry Butler – Take The Time To Tell Her        
A4     Gordon Parks –     From Storm To Calm        
A5     Cat Stevens – Was A Dog A Doughnut        
A6     Les McCann – Benjamin        
A7     Love Unlimited – Under The Influence Of Love        
A8     Talking Heads – Once In A Lifetime        
A9     John Handy – Alvina

B1     Jerry Butler – I'm Your Mechanical Man        
B2     Brother To Brother – Hey What's That You Say        
B3     Sylvester – Was It Something I Said        
B4     Weather Report – Mysterious Traveler        
B5     Dorothy Ashby – Cause I Need It        
B6     The Crusaders – Whispering Pines        
B7     Donald Byrd – I Feel Like Loving You Today        
B8     The Sweet Inspirations – Why Marry        
B9     Kleeer – Intimate Connection


DVD Coxsone ls Shaka ls Fatman 1993 PT1

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Detroit > 1989

Bad Times - Captain Rapp
Recorded March '89 @ The Brotherhood Club

*vid source: Caprice87*

Friday, August 26, 2011

Washington DC's Go Go Scene: The Face article (April 1985)

It's cool to see how much of a splash Go Go made back in the 80s on an international scale, and this article from The Face (UK) perfectly illustrates that. There's no denying Go Go's influence on the Hip Hop sound coming of NYC (and elsewhere) during the mid-late 1980s. Trouble Funk in particular, put in plenty of work during those years and rarely (if ever) got the credit they deserved.

Go Go is woven into the fabric of Hip Hop, and the proof is in the records whether we're talking about Queen Latifah, Salt'n'Pepa, Kurtis Blow, Roxanne Shante, Beastie Boys, the list goes on.... So big up DC! Big up all the struggling Go Go artists who paved the way back in the day, especially Chuck Brown the Godfather, Trouble Funk, EU, Junkyard Band, Backyard Band, Northeast Groovers....

This kinda cracked me up.... At one point in the interview, Chuck Brown even points out the importance of using DC Slang or "Slanguage" when performing. He then rhymes something with "Bama" to illustrate his point, and this is all in the article. Bama!

Shouts to for the amazing source material!  Please take a moment to check out their site, as its FULL of extra special secret stash material from back in the day.

Download PDF Article HERE (24 MB) 

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Jungle DnB Vinyl Rippertons - Encoded/Uploaded so far

Panacea - Tron (12 Inch  Mix).mp3
Download link:

Psychotropic - Hypnosis (SL2 Remix).mp3
Download link:

File name: Sci-Clone - El Son.mp3
Download link:

File name: Roni Size + Reprazent - Out Of The Game.mp3
Download link:

File name: Future Forces + Fierce - Imprint [A].mp3

File name: Future Forces + Fierce - Constant [B].mp3

File name: Immortal Minds - The City 3 [A].mp3

File name: Immortal Minds - Cosmic Jungle [B].mp3

File name: Majistrate - If.mp3

File name: Majistrate - Make It Happen.mp3

File name: The Abyss - Magic Glass [A].mp3

File name: The Abyss - The Future [B].mp3

File name: Sappo - Dope Man.mp3

File name: Sappo - Stomp Out.mp3

File name: K - Disconnected [A].mp3

File name: K - Evil Twin [B].mp3

File name: Paradox - Pandemonium.mp3

File name: Paradox - Coaxial.mp3

File name: Remarc - You And Me.mp3

File name: Remarc - In Da Hood.mp3

 * RARs *

File name: Carlito - Grapevine [Creative Source 5].rar

Carlito - Grapevine [A]
Carlito - Diffusion Room [B]

File name: Chromatix - Jive at Five [Ultraviolet].rar

Chromatix - Jive at Five [A]
Chromatix - Bring da Change [B]

File name: Doc Scott - Drumz '95.rar

Doc Scott - Drumz '95 Remix [A]
Doc Scott - Blue Skies [B]

File name: Foul Play - Volume V [1995].rar

Foul Play - The Stepper
Foul Play - Total Control

File name: 1990-95 Classic Jungle & Old Skool EP Vol 3.rar

Bad Girl - Bad Girl
Low Noise Black - Rave in the Bedroom
Noise Factory - Bring forth the Noise
Noise Factory - I wanna Feel the Music
Noise Factory - Set Me Free
Potential Bad Boy – Jungle Fever
Potential Bad Boy – Sister Sue
Potential Bad Boy – Warning

File name: Carlito + John B - Soulful Behaviour Pt 3.rar

Carlito - So Liquid
John B - Half Now, Half Later

File name: Paradox - Not For Outsiders [CIA].rar

Paradox - No Texture [A]
Paradox - Not For Outsiders [B]

File name: Solid State - Pure Funk (From Us To You) [Defunked 001].rar

 Solid State - Pure Funk (From Us To You) [A]
Solid State - Heavy Pain [B]

File name: Fellowship - Coming On Strong [Defunked 002].rar

Fellowship – Coming On Strong [A]
Fellowship – Retrospect [B]

File name: Fellowship - It's A Mystery [Defunked 004].rar

Fellowship – It's A Mystery [A]
Fellowship – Feelin Good [B]

File name: Razor - Resistance [Defunked 06].rar

Razor - Resistance [A]
Razor - Keep Up Distance [B]

Various - Hidden Rooms 02

Black Science Labs - Light Between Two Moons
Polar - Mind of a Killer

Various – History Of Our World  [NASA 1994].rar

4 Hero – Mr. Kirk's Nightmare
Omni Trio – Renegade Snares

Subject To Reason – Symphonix Pts. 1 & 2.rar

Subject To Reason - Symphonix Pt.1 [A]
Subject To Reason - Symphonix Pt.2 [B]

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Jungle DnB Vinyl Rippertons

Jungle DnB Vinyl Rippertons 
Playlist length: 2 hours 46 minutes 58 seconds 
Playlist files:
    1. Chromatix - Jive at Five [A].mp3
    2. Chromatix - Bring da Change [B] (6:33)
    3. Creative Source 005 [A].mp3
    4. Creative Source 005 [B].mp3
    5. Defunked 001 [A] (6:34)
    6. Defunked 001 (downtempo) [B].mp3
    7. Defunked 002 [A].mp3
    8. Defunked 002 [B].mp3
    9. Defunked 004 [A].mp3
    10. Defunked 004 [B].mp3
    11. Razor - Resistance [A] (7:08)
    12. Razor - Keep Up Distance [B].mp3
    13. Doc Scott - Drumz '95 Remix [A] (8:59)
    14. Doc Scott - Blue Skies [B].mp3
    15. Foul Play - Total Control.mp3
    16. Foul Play - The Stepper.mp3
    17. Paradox - No Texture [A].mp3
    18. Paradox - Not For Outsiders [B].mp3
    19. Paradox - Pandemonium (7:42)
    20. Paradox - Coaxial (8:32)
    21. Xpressive 003 [A].mp3
    22. Xpressive 003 [B].mp3
    23. Aquasky - Kauna (7:44)
    24. Aquasky - Tranquility (6:55)
    25. Blueprint - Alex Reece remix [A] (5:57)
    26. Blueprint - DJ Pule remix [B] (5:36)
    27. Immortal Minds - The City 3 [A] (4:46)
    28. Immortal Minds - Cosmic Jungle [B] (5:46)
    29. Rogue Unit - Marianna Carley [A] (7:01)
    30. Rogue Unit - Horn Section [B] (5:22)
    31. Jeckyl and Hyde - Dinner Time Jazz (7:21)
    32. Jeckyl and Hyde - Slice of Jazz (8:22)
    33. Foul Play + Nexus - Visitations [A] (6:11)
    34. Foul Play + Nexus - Taboo [B1] (6:13)
    35. Foul Play + Nexus - The Chase [B2] (5:47)
    36. Future Forces + Fierce - Imprint [A] (6:53)
    37. Future Forces + Fierce - Constant [B] (6:53)
    38. Sappo - Stomp Out (6:38)
    39. Sappo - Dope Man (7:33)
    40. Remarc - You And Me (5:51)
    41. Remarc - In Da Hood (4:41)

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VA - Positively Reggae (1995)

Positively Reggae by Various Artists
1995 promo compilation put together by Sony subsidiary as part of some Keep Kids in School campaign. Its just a funny record to me, mostly because it features a handful of artists who don't quite strike me as role model material. Like, Bounty Killer telling kids to stay in school is funny to me b/c I imagine him like this, in front of a class of small frightened children >

1. Mothers and Fathers - Shabba Ranks
2. Where We Comin' From - Born Jamericans
3. Free Di Youth - Patra
4. No Way Around It - Shaggy
5. Respect - Vicious
6. Back to School - Worl-A-Girl
7. Teach the Children - Tony Rebel
8. Unity - Mad Cobra
9. Go to School - Bounty Killer
10. Peace We Want - Mega Banton/Ricky General/Shirley McLean
11. School Controversy - Damian "Junior Gong" Marley
12. Be Humble - Lieutenant Stitchie

Distributor:    Sony Music Distribution
Recording type:    Studio
Recording mode:    Stereo
SPAR Code:    n/a

Album notes
Producers include: Salaam Remi, Black Scorpio, English, Donovan Thomas, Lloyd Campbell.
Audio Mixers: Black Scorpio; Jack Scorpio; Culture Lee; Salaam Remi.
Audio Remixer: Salaam Remi.
Recording information: Black Scorpio Studios, Kingston, Jamaica; Crib, New York, NY; Mixing Lab Main Street; Palm Tree Enterprises, New York, NY.

There are countless examples of the slackness seemingly inherent to Jamaican dancehall music, but there has also been a strong trend to reintroduce the conscious themes and mindsets of old roots reggae into the genre, leading to dancehall tracks that actually preach and practice good citizenship. That's the case with this sampler, which features a dozen songs touching on kids, school, and parenting, a collection that exhibits all the bluster of straight dancehall with a softer center. Highlights include "Respect" (based very, very loosely on the old Stax song) by Vicious, and Tony Rebel's "Teach the Children." ~ Steve Leggett

Exodus Quartet – Perfect Vibe EP (1992)

Exodus Quartet – Perfect Vibe EP
Label: Exodus Soundsystem
Catalog#: EX 319
Format: Vinyl, 12", EP
Country: US
Released: 1992
Genre: Electronic, Jazz
Style: Acid Jazz

Formed in 1991 by Eric Hilton and Fari Ali, Exodus Quartet sought to recreate the sound of Washington, DC's Exodus acid jazz club. Their only album, 1996's Way Out There, featured many guest musicians and was released following a plethora of compilation appearances. Hilton went on to co-found Thievery Corporation.

A1 Perfect Vibe (Maceo Version)        
A2 Perfect Vibe (MJQ Version)        
A3 Perfect Beats        
A4 What Beats?        
B1 Funk What? (Jive Organ Version)        
B2 Trance Jazz (7:00 AM Version)        
B3 Rare And Groovy (Afterthought Version)

    * Executive Producer – Farid Ali
    * Flute – Jim Sivard
    * Organ – George Mitchell
    * Producer – Eric Hilton, George Mitchell
    * Saxophone – Ray Gaskins
    * Vibraphone, Organ – David Bach
    * Vocals – Hutchy (tracks: B1 to B3), DJ Lofty Love* (tracks: B1 to B3)


Stereophonic Jazz Dance
Exodus Songs/ASCAP
It Takes Two/ASCAP
© 1992
Exodus Vibes
Pressed at Europadisk, NYC, New York.

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Expansion Broadcast Podcast 312: Bass Architects Future Garage, Bass, House, Dubstep

Expansion Broadcast (EXBC) Podcast 312: 
Bass Architects ~ Version 3 (EXBC Session)

Podcast: Download

 Track List

  1. Leonard Cohen – Intro [unknown]
  2. Sigha – Light Swells in a Distant Place [Hotflush]
  3. Commix – How You Gonna Feel ( Pedestrian Remix ) [Metalheadz]
  4. Jack Sparrow – Terminal [Tectonic]
  5. Sepalcure – No Think [Hotflush]
  6. Joy Orbison – The Shrew Would Have Cushioned the Blow [Aus Music]
  7. Photek – 101 ( Boddika Drum Machine Remix ) [Photek]
  8. Cosmic Revenge – Mind Eraser [Embassy]
  9. Jam City – Magic Drops [Night Slugs]
  10. Shackleton – Deadman [Honest Jon's]
  11. Africa Hitech – Said Speed [Warp]
  12. Double Helix – Bass 2 Dark [Keysound]
  13. Kid Kashmir – Return to Bombay City [unknown]
  14. Velour – Scent of Romance [Night Slugs]
  15. French Fries – Merel [Youngunz]
  16. Appleblim – Lipsmacker ( Deadboy Remix ) [Aus Music]
  17. Drop the Lime – Set me Free ( Generik remix ) [Trouble & Bass]
  18. Orphan101 – Propa [Applepips]
  19. Objekt – The Goose that Got Away [Objekt]

 A little background on the Bass Architects…

Eternal and Transit are two of the most established underground djs that the DC area has produced. With over 30 years experience between them and countless performances dating back to 1994 these two know exactly what it takes to get a dancefloor rocking. They have earned a reputation for playing tight, musical sets and have an uncanny ability to select tunes most djs slept on or just plain missed out on. The two are also notorious crate diggers and their sets are sure to feature a few rarities and classics on wax.

Eternal, who got his start playing jungle and breakbeat in Richmond VA and Allentown PA back in 1995, was part of the seminal Parametrics DC DJ crew, resident DJ at the AYA DnB weekly and later as resident and head of DnB bookings for the massive Destination weekly at DC Tunnel. Steve Eternal was also the brains behind PMX Radio in the early 2000′s and is currently a resident at the legendary Eighteenth Street Lounge in DC, where he holds down Dub and Dancehall for Wednesday nights as Version Sound. Transit was one of the first jungle/dnb djs in Upstate NY while in school at Cornell and was also partners with Rogers and Freefall as part of CatalystDC. He also helped start progressive dnb label TestFlight Recordings which featured forward thinking beats from artists like Blame, ASC and Orion.

The Bass Architecture project is their most recent endeavor and aims squarely at the diverse world of Bass music. Bass Architecture Version 1 is a deep and soulful journey into the sound of UK Garage and modern Bass music unlike many you will hear. They effortlessly combine complex beat structures and atmospheric textures with post-rave vocal edits to great effect. Modern masters like Ramadanman and Pangaea feature prominently alongside new school beatsmiths like George Fitzgerald, Jack Dixon and Jay Grind. With influences ranging from freestyle and footwork to deep techno, dub and chicago house this is just a taste of what to expect in the next few years from this seasoned duo.

In addition to new and classic mixes and a podcast starting this spring they plan to put out several new original tunes later this year. Remember to check out Steve Eternal aka Version Sound every other Wednesday spinning dancehall at the venerable Eighteenth Street Lounge in DC!

* Props to Erictronica and EXBC crew for hosting and supporting Bass Arx, and for being proactive about pushing this underground music forward not just locally here in DC, but globally with the EXBC programming and online presence. Looking forward to the Future!!!