Tuesday, July 17, 2007

La Guêpe Vol 2 - Deep Inside The French Library Music

La Guêpe Vol 2 - Deep Inside The French Library Music (Soul, Jazz, Funk, Afro, & Easy Tracks From The Vault)
Label - Dare Dare/Pulp Flavor (France)
Released - 197x/1999
Style - Electronic/Jazz/Funk/Library/OST

(from Dusty Groove)
Excellent lost funk tracks from the French studio scene of the 70s! We've never seen any of these on the original vinyl -- and just about every cut is culled from a rare French jazz, soundtrack, or instrumental LP! There's a whopping 17 tracks in all, and the groove ranges from Blacksploitation funky to breakbeat moog to De Wolfe groovy -- with lots of other grooves in between. Cuts include "Slag Machine" by Patrick Abrial, "Happy Smith" by Michel Gonet, "Exciting Mrs. Brown" by April Orchestra, "Coulc Ah!" by Francois Rolland, "Generique" by Philippe Sarde, "Aerospatial" by Janko Nilovic, "Afro-Disiac" by Bernard Estardy, and "Kiss This" by Claude Denjean. Lots more grooviness, and a very nice package that's filled with cuts we've never heard before!

A1 Michel Gonet - Happy Smith (2:26)
A2 Patrick Abrial - Slag Machine (2:20)
A3 Eddie Warner - On The Air (2:31)
A4 Roger Roger - Rugbymen (2:41)
A5 April Orchestra - Exciting Mrs Brown (3:08)
A6 Sylvano Santorio - Ok Richard (3:02)
A7 Teddy Lasry - Los Angeles (3:10)
A8 Francois Rolland - Couic Ah! (2:30)
B1 Abrax - Zakatak (1:52)
B2 Ovation - Burle Pie (1:56)
B3 Jacky Giordano - Latest News (2:17)
B4 Pierre Dutour - No Man's Land (3:30)
B5 Claude Denjean - Kiss This (3:00)
B6 Uele Kalabubu & SA Tribu - Afro-Disiac (2:45)
B7 Bernard Estardy - Riviera Express (4:08)
B8 Janko Nilovic - Aerospatial (3:16)
B9 Philippe Sarde - Générique (1:05)



Anonymous said...

Great stuff!
thx a bunch!

Don't you have other volumes ?

AMP said...

Unfortunately not. And as my paycheck is currently 1/2 of what it used to be, my days of collecting are temporarily on hold. But lucky for you the days of sharing are in full effect here at ICOOYS!

P M X said...

ditto what he said. since this is 90% his anyways...